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Between family events, work parties and school programs, the holidays usually mean you’re on-the-go more often than usual. The secret to staying on your A-game all season long? Getting enough protein! Forget fast food, these snack packs are easy to throw together in the morning and will keep you feeling fueled until you finally make it home.
1. Road trip-ready (hard-boiled eggs, dry-roasted edamame, string cheese)
Messy car-snacks are a no-go, but these ideas have you covered! Hardboiled eggs are an easy way to get protein on-the-go — just lightly salt a shelled egg and put it in a plastic container before you leave! Dry-roasted edamame is a fuss-free snack that will curb your crunchy cravings, and string cheese keeps kids occupied without getting it all over the car.
2. On-the-go eats (meat, cheese, crackers, chocolate-covered almonds)
Stay satisfied during work or school so you can pay attention to things that matter. A cheese, meat and cracker platter is packed with protein to keep you focused all day long. And a HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Tray makes things even easier! Pepperoni, ham, turkey, salami — there’s something for everyone. Craving something sweet? Try chocolate-covered almonds for dessert.
3. After-school energy boost (nut butter-filled celery sticks, crispy roasted chickpeas, chocolaty trail mix)
Busy kids involved in sports or extracurricular activities need a snack that will help them recharge after school. Nut butter-filled celery sticks are full of protein, and flavored, roasted chickpeas are a fun alternative to chips. If your kid has a sweet tooth, pack a nutty trail mix with chocolate chips for a fun but nutritious treat that won’t lead to a sugar crash during homework time.
Content adapted for Hormel Foods and used with permission from SheKnows