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Between family events, work parties and school programs, the holidays usually mean you’re on-the-go more often than usual. The secret to staying on your A-game all season long? Getting enough protein! Forget fast food, these snack packs are easy to throw together in the morning and will keep you feeling fueled until you finally make it home.
1. Don't go crazy with the appetizers
There’s no need to start a new Pinterest board of recipes. Save time (and disappointment) by picking up some appetizers that are ready-to-serve. A HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Tray is always a winner. Who doesn’t love to stack meat and cheese as high as they can? Plus, it’s already pre-cut and pre-assembled, so less work for you.
2. Elevate your ice cubes
Throwing some fruit in your ice cubes makes them look all kinds of fancy, but there’s a new ice cube secret: crystal-clear ice cubes. Simply boil your water and pour it into your ice molds while it's still piping hot. Voila! Sparkly ice cubes.
Take it a step further and swap out those old rectangular ice cube trays for something more exciting, like spherical molds or other fun shapes.
3. Serve one cocktail
Serve only one signature cocktail. Not only does a fully stocked bar get expensive, but there’s nothing memorable about the same-old same-old. If you serve one original cocktail, guests are sure to take notice. Always have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and perhaps a backup of wine or beer for guests who aren’t into cocktails.
Content adapted for Hormel Foods and used with permission from SheKnows