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HORMEL® Pepperoni Opens First-of-its-Kind Online Shop to Help Fans Gear Up for National Pepperoni Pizza Day

September 13, 2023

For the next week, America’s No. 1 pepperoni brand* is partnering with TV personality Adam Richman and giving pepperoni fans the opportunity to purchase daily drops of extremely limited pepperoni pizza-inspired products, from vehicle rims to mystery boxes.

HORMEL® Pepperoni, America’s No. 1 pepperoni brand,* is stepping up to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day on Sept. 20 with the opening of a one-of-a-kind online pop-up shop full of custom items that are designed to help pepperoni pizza fans celebrate this spicy and flavorful national holiday in style.

Beginning today and ending on National Pepperoni Pizza Day, Sept. 20, fans can visit to purchase pepperoni-themed and inspired products, including some available only in extremely limited quantities, while supplies last. Each day at 1 p.m. Eastern, the makers of HORMEL® Pepperoni will introduce a new category theme such as wearables, home decor, outdoors and work and drop new products for purchase. All pricing is a nod to National Pepperoni Pizza Day on Sept. 20

“As America’s number one pepperoni brand,* it only makes sense that the makers of HORMEL® Pepperoni would create this first-of-its-kind online store that celebrates the passion that millions of fans have for pepperoni pizza on this holiday,” said Samantha Hovland, senior brand manager of the HORMEL® Pepperoni brand. “From wearables to items designed for your home, office and the outdoors, we’ve created a fun line of custom products that will help fans not only celebrate and enhance their National Pepperoni Pizza Day experience, but also show off their love for pepperoni pizza everywhere they go.”

The Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop will have everything that the ultimate pepperoni pizza fan would need — including things they never thought they needed, but always wanted — to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Some daily featured items include: a crossbody bag to carry a slice of pepperoni pizza, a custom set of pepperoni pizza-themed rims to drive in style, a pizza-shaped lamp that displays slices of pepperoni, a “break in case of emergency” display case with a package of HORMEL® Pepperoni, original art and mystery boxes. See below for more details on daily themes and the dozens upon dozens of items available each day at

The makers of HORMEL® Pepperoni are also teaming up with food enthusiast and TV host for History Channel’s “Food That Built America,” Adam Richman, to help spread the news about the all-new Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop with other pepperoni-obsessed fans. Adam stars in a new video called “The Place That Built Pepperoni” that chronicles the role that HORMEL® Pepperoni has played in helping pepperoni win the hearts and appetites of a nation while showcasing the unique and exciting items available only on

“For millions of pepperoni and pizza fans alike, September 20th is one of the most important days of the year,” Richman said. “Pepperoni has this unique ability to spice up and awaken the flavor of any meal and that’s why we honor everyone’s favorite pizza topping with a national holiday and a pop-up shop. I’m excited to partner with HORMEL® Pepperoni and let fans know how they can get unique and custom items that will allow them to celebrate their fandom on National Pepperoni Pizza Day and every day.”

The daily themes and pepperoni-inspired items available on include:

Pepperoni Wearables

(Wednesday, Sept. 13)

Fans can now wear their HORMEL® Pepperoni love from head to toe.

  • Featured Item: Fashion meets function with this crossbody bag that fits a slice of pepperoni pizza and a pack of HORMEL® Pepperoni, so you’re never hungry on the go.
  • Other items include a locket necklace that fits a heart-shaped piece of pepperoni, a high-end purse, socks, earrings and a drippy pepperoni pizza hat.

Pepperoni Everywhere

(Thursday, Sept. 14)

There’s no hiding your pepperoni pizza love when you step outside with this easy-to-spot collection.

  • Featured item: Roll up in style with this custom set of rims for your car featuring pepperoni pizza slices.
  • Other items include a cornhole set with a pizza slice-shaped yellow board and red bags, a pool floatie, a golf flag and welcome doormat.

Pepperoni Dreamin’

(Friday, Sept. 15)

These items are perfect for any home and those who eat, sleep and dream pepperoni pizza.

  • Featured item: When it’s off, it’s just a pizza-shaped lamp. But when you turn it on, pepperoni slices appear on the lampshade, and it becomes a glorious beacon of pepperoni pizza.
  • Other items include a pepperoni pizza bedspread and blanket, slippers, onesie and plushie.

Pepperoni 9 to 5

(Monday, Sept. 18)

The workday is better when you’re surrounded by these HORMEL® Pepperoni pizza-themed items.

  • Featured item: While pizza lunches are America’s most common office perk, cheese pizza appears on the table far too often. An emergency pepperoni display case in the office will ensure every pizza lunch is done properly.
  • Other items include a pepperoni pizza neon light and earpods case.

The Art of Pepperoni

(Tuesday, Sept. 19)

Passion for pepperoni pizza can’t be contained to a plate. Minnesota-based artist Elizabeth Leyk created custom art that expresses our shared passion for pepperoni pizza.

  • Featured item: No home is complete without custom pepperoni pizza art to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Only three original and custom pieces will be available for fans to hang and display in their home or office.
  • These custom designs will also be printed on t-shirts and printed posters for fans to flaunt their love for their favorite food.

Mystery Box

(Wednesday, Sept. 20)

What better way to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day than to receive a mystery box that includes a limited-edition HORMEL® Pepperoni pizza item and untold quantities of HORMEL® Pepperoni. Fans will receive a surprise amount of coupons for free HORMEL® Pepperoni.

HORMEL® Pepperoni is the number one-selling brand of pepperoni in America,* thanks to its great flavor and top-quality ingredients. For more information about HORMEL® Pepperoni, including recipes and where to buy, visit and follow the HORMEL® Pepperoni brand on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

* Based on the latest 52-week IRI data.