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Introducing HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Ranch Bacon

March 21, 2024

With the popularity of bacon and ranch still sky high, the makers of the HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® brand offer both flavors within a single bite

Bacon and ranch both continue to be beloved food items of consumers everywhere, with both ingredients easily applied to a variety of different dishes. Whether it’s a burger or sandwich, pizza or soup, ranch and bacon both tend to enhance the meals and snacks to which they’re added.

That is why the makers of the HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® brand are so excited, as they are today announcing the joining of these two tasty flavors within a single bite in their latest limited-time flavor offering: HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Ranch Bacon, available now at select retailers nationwide.

The popularity of bacon is undeniable, and ranch also continues to be a preferred condiment of consumers; ranch is the third-most popular condiment in the United States, according to recent analysis1 from Technomic Ignite Menu. There is also continued demand among consumers for positive edible experiences, particularly among Millennial and Gen Z consumers, 38% of whom2 consistently signal a strong desire for new and exciting flavors.

“We are always looking for the best ways to accommodate the flavor preferences of our loyal consumers, and with HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Ranch Bacon, we’re providing two of their favorites: the savory smokiness of bacon, and the rich, satisfying taste of ranch,” said Haley Tigner, brand manager for the HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® brand. “Consumers are using bacon and ranch together in all kinds of creative ways to take their flavor experiences to the next level, but with our new Ranch Bacon, you can experience the familiar taste of both ranch and bacon within a single bite!”

The HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® brand offers a vast portfolio of product flavors that no other brand can match, from jalapeño to brown sugar to maple black pepper.

1 72,967 menu items across 5,839 U.S. operators with five-year historical menus in Q4 2021-Q4 2022.
2 Innova Market Insights: Flavors Unleashed


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