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New HORMEL® Pepperoni Campaign is Boldly Irresistible

May 14, 2024

Before anyone ever heard of cellphones, television or widespread air travel, there was America’s No. 1 pepperoni*.

The team responsible for the HORMEL® pepperoni brand put the product on the map and in grocery stores 109 years ago, and it never looked back. It’s been a category leader since 1915.

We have our brand fans to thank for the ongoing success of HORMEL® pepperoni. So, perhaps it’s only fitting that the latest ad campaign, Boldly Irresistible, is designed to cater to our consumers and their love for the spicy goodness of what is hands down the darling of pizza toppings in America. But HORMEL® pepperoni is far from a one-trick pony. Find it in salads, on sandwiches and as a snack that people will move mountains to get.

In fact, the latter is the gist of the Boldly Irresistible, a tongue-in-cheek dramatization of what folks will do to snag some of the popular and munchable pepperoni. Spoiler alert: When HORMEL® pepperoni is in the house, nothing else matters.

*Based on the latest 52 week Circana data.