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HORMEL GATHERINGS® Smoked Turkey & Cheese Snack Tray


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Take your snacking on the go with HORMEL GATHERINGS® Snack Trays. These smoked turkey, cheese and cracker trays are a quick and easy snack to serve and share. Includes 1, 14-ounce tray​ with ready-to-eat favorites: smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, plus crispy snack crackers. It’s a perfect snack time favorite to grab ‘n go!

Whether you’re looking for tasty school time snacks, between-meeting bites, or a treat while travelling throughout your day, these snack trays require no prep so​ you can serve your favorite snacks in a snap. Movie night? No problem. Mid-day office craving?​ You’re covered. Quick protein in the perfect bite-sized proportions? Nailed it. HORMEL​ GATHERINGS® Snack Trays — Already Ready.


Do HORMEL GATHERINGS® trays need to be refrigerated?

HORMEL GATHERINGS® party trays need to be refrigerated.

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