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Spicy Ginger Chicken Over Jasmine Rice

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Prepare to be dazzled by the bold flavors of Spicy Ginger Chicken Over Jasmine Rice! Heat up HOUSE OF TSANG™ Spicy Ginger Chicken for a mouthwatering explosion of aromatic spices. Serve over fluffy Jasmine rice, accompanied by steamed green beans, and topped with a zesty combination of sliced green onions, chopped PLANTERS® dry roasted peanuts, and a squeeze of fresh lime wedges for an unforgettable meal.

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2 to 4 Servings
1 (15-ounce) package HOUSE OF TSANG™ Spicy Ginger Chicken, heated according to package directions
Steamed green beans
Hot cooked Jasmine rice
Sliced green onions
Chopped PLANTERS® Dry roasted peanuts
Lime wedges


  1. Serve Spicy Ginger Chicken over rice with green beans, green onions, peanuts and lime wedges.