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Let’s Spill the Beans

Does HORMEL® chili need to be refrigerated after opening?

Please refrigerate HORMEL® chili after opening and eat within 3 days.

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Why did the HORMEL® chili can make a popping noise when opened it?

The popping noise is the sound of pressure releasing from the can. This noise does not effect the product and it is completely safe to eat.

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Is HORMEL® chili gluten free?

Many varieties of HORMEL® Chili are gluten free. Make sure to check the label on the product to see if it is gluten free.

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Can I add tomatoes, spices or other ingredients to my canned HORMEL® chili?

Yes! Check out our chili recipe section for inspiration.

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What type of meat is used in classic HORMEL® chili?

HORMEL® chili with beans and HORMEL® chili no bean both use pork and beef.

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What type of beans are used in HORMEL® chili with beans?

HORMEL® chili with beans uses red beans.

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Is HORMEL® chili fully cooked and ready to eat?

HORMEL® chili is fully cooked and ready to eat.

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