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The Curemaster

In the early 1960s, we created the perfect ham. We called it CURE 81® Ham.

Then we put a Curemaster in charge to personally oversee the entire ham-making process.

Today, Brian Hendrickson holds this important title, ensuring our hams meet the highest standards of taste, texture and color. Each ham is individually registered and stamped with his signature-personally guaranteeing our ham’s premium quality.


Our long tradition of ham craftsmanship and our uncompromising attention to detail come together to make our finest hams. Each technique, cut and process that past Curemasters have established meet in the epitome of the perfect ham.

Each ham is carefully selected by our current Curemaster, Brian Hendrickson, based on leanness, size, color and tenderness. Only the hams that meet the Curemaster’s high standards are made into HORMEL® CURE 81® hams.

The Legacy
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For over a half-century, the Curemaster has ensured the quality of all CURE 81® hams.

DOC CIPRA 1963-1973

In May of 1972 Doc created “The Party Glaze” just in time for summer. The glaze was made with pineapple juice, brown sugar, mustard, and lemon juice.

Al FLEINER 1973-1977

In addition to holding the title of Curemaster, Al served in the United States Army during WWII stationed in the Philippines.

LES COLLING 1977-1990

Les celebrated 41 years making exceptional hams, 13 of which he held the title of Curemaster.

ART GOEMBEL 1990-2001

Art began his career curing hams the same year the first CURE 81® Ham was signed and sold by Doc Cipra. 27 years later, it was his signature that adorned every ham.

LARRY HUSTON 2001-2006

During Larry’s tenure the HORMEL® CURE 81® brand turned 40. Larry used this occasion to introduce several new ham varieties to honor the Curemaster legacy and tradition.

RICH CHUICK 2006-2008

Rich was instrumental in helping create unique and premium flavor profiles for HORMEL® CURE 81® hams.


Brian celebrated the 50th anniversary of the HORMEL® CURE 81® brand, honoring past Curemasters in 2013 and continues to ensure the highest qualities of hams today.

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