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Your Questions Answered

Why do you call them CURE 81® hams?

According to The Hormel Legacy: 100 Years of Quality “CURE 81® ham meant ‘The Ham of the Future.’ In 1962, the year 1981 seemed far away.”

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How long should a HORMEL® CURE 81® HAM sit before carving or serving?

HORMEL® CURE 81® HAM should sit for 10 minutes before carving or serving.

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How much HORMEL® CURE 81® HAM should I buy per person?

It is suggested to buy 1/4 to 1/2 pound of HORMEL® CURE 81® HAM her serving.

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What are tips for keeping HORMEL® CURE 81® HAM moist?

For optimal tenderness to do not overcook a HORMEL® CURE 81® ham.

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How long does HORMEL® CURE 81® HAM last in the refrigerator once opened?

HORMEL® CURE 81® HAM stored in the refrigerator will last 5 to 7 days after opening.

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HORMEL® CURE 81® ham should be cooked to what internal temperature?

The optimal serving temperature for HORMEL® CURE 81® ham 135ºF-140ºF.

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Can a HORMEL® CURE 81® ham be bought in advance of Christmas, Easter or other holidays and stored in a refrigerator or freezer?

HORMEL® CURE 81® ham can be bought in advance and stored as long as it is prepared or frozen by the expiration date.

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How and when should a HORMEL® CURE 81® ham be glazed?

HORMEL® CURE 81® should be glazed after it has finished cooking.

  1. Remove ham from oven and carefully drain or spoon excess ham juices/drippings from the pan.
  2. Spoon the prepared glaze mixture evenly over the entire surface of the ham.
  3. Place ham in oven, and heat for 5-10 minutes or until glaze is set.
  4. Slice ham, serve and enjoy!
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How should a HORMEL® CURE 81® ham be reheated?

It is super easy! To reheat your ham you should follow the instructions on the packaging and reheat to the desired temperature. HORMEL® CURE 81® is also safe and delicious to eat right out of the refrigerator!

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How long does it take to thaw a frozen HORMEL® CURE 81® ham?

It depends on the size of the HORMEL® CURE 81® ham, but it typically takes 2 days for a ham to thaw.

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Is HORMEL® CURE 81® ham fully cooked?

HORMEL® CURE 81® ham is fully cooked and delicious served right out of the refrigerator.

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Should HORMEL® CURE 81® ham be covered while cooking?

HORMEL® CURE 81® ham should be covered while cooking.

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